AGDISPpro Aerial Dispersion Software Released

Continuum Dynamics Inc. and Mount Rose Scientific, LLC are pleased to announce the availability of the inaugural version of the AGDISPpro chemical application prediction software.

AGDISPpro is a material dispersion model for the accurate prediction of deposition and drift of spray material released from manned aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs – or drones), and succeeds the USDA Forest Service model, AGDISP, developed by Continuum Dynamics, Inc. (CDI).  Unique features include UAV modelling and improvements related to vapor tracking, modeling of spray droplets smaller than one micron, and the ability to operate in “regulatory mode” where predictions can be performed using the US EPA’s latest accepted version of AGDISP.

The AGDISP family of software products has been acquired by Mount Rose Scientific LLC ( from CDI.  Additional information about AGDISPpro, and a trial version of the software can be obtained, at no cost, from the AGDISPpro website (  Any and all questions about AGDISPpro should be addressed to Mount Rose Scientific LLC (

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