Over its 40+ years of operation, the staff of Continuum Dynamics, Inc. have developed a broad base of experience that allows us to address a wide range of challenging problems for our customers. A selection of our recent and ongoing work includes:

  • unique, high fidelity analysis, design support, and simulation tools for aircraft, rotorcraft, eVTOL vehicles, and wind turbines;
  • novel hybrid CFD methods offering high modeling fidelity in realistic aerodynamic and hydrodynamic problems with greatly reduced setup and computational cost;
  • state of the art acoustic and fluid/structural interaction modeling for power plant piping systems; 
  • advanced computational algorithms for molecular dynamics modeling as well as a wide range of High Performance Computing (HPC) problems;
  • efficient, physics-based modeling of stores separation, countermeasures dispersal, and groundfall of aerially released materials;
  • compact smart materials-based devices for multiple applications, ranging from rotorcraft vibration mitigation to intelligent flow control for wind turbines;
  • scaling methodologies and deep test support experience enabling high payoff, fast-turnaround assembly of critical engineering data

The following summarizes a partial list of particular areas of past and ongoing work.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Rotorcraft and eVTOL/eSTOL aircraft design
  • Advanced analysis methods and CFD
  • Flight simulation and training
  • Flight control and full-vehicle aeromechanics
  • Air vehicle external noise
  • Modeling of tactical countermeasures
  • Active control systems for rotorcraft and aircraft
  • Turbomachinery aeromechanics

Environmental Engineering

  • Agrichemical application modeling
  • Analysis of fuel jettisoning groundfall
  • Advanced CFD methods for turbine design support
  • Modeling of wind turbine arrays and novel turbine designs
  • Devices for wind turbine vibratory load mitigation
  • Modeling of exhaust products for high altitude aircraft

Advanced Computational Methods

  • Novel toolkit for minimizing communication in HPC processes
  • Octree-based mesh generation for complex surfaces
  • Gaussian Balance techniques for assessing fluid dynamics response
  • Fast multipole methods in fluid mechanics, acoustics, and biomolecular electrostatics

Nuclear Engineering

  • Modeling and analysis of valves and complex piping systems
  • Flow induced vibration of jet pump components
  • Debris strainers for emergency cooling water systems
  • Steam line/steam dryer testing and analysis
  • Test support
  • Quality assurance

Biomolecular Electrostatics Modeling

  • Adaptive Cartesian Grid-based solver and charge sensitivity analysis for nonlinear and size-modified Poisson-Boltzmann equation
  • Modeling of solvents with non-uniform ion size
  • Boundary element modeling (BEM) for linear Poisson-Boltzmann equation
  • Fast multipole-accelerated solutions for BEM-based methods
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