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Areas of Expertise

Aerospace Engineering

State of the art modeling and design support for multiple classes of air vehicles addressing aerodynamics, performance, flying qualities, simulation and noise.

Environmental Engineering

Advanced analysis methods for wind turbines, and modeling of aerially released materials for agrichemical application and environmental impact mitigation.

Advanced Computational Methods

Fast modeling of DNA, fast boundary element methods for Poisson-Boltzmann equation solvers, and process mapping on distributed memory HPC architectures.

Nuclear Engineering Services

Acoustic circuit analysis, flow induced vibration and power uprate solutions, testing of emergency cooling water strainers, advanced piping system models.

Since our founding in 1979, we at CDI have a demonstrated record of providing leading-edge research, high-end analysis tools for design support, and practical solutions to immediate engineering challenges for our clients.

Our work has included fundamental advances in the modeling and analysis of vortex-dominated flows, implementation of industry-standard aeromechanics modeling software for rotorcraft and aircraft, pioneering work in the development of real-time physics-based flight simulation, novel and efficient implementations of hybrid CFD, and innovative methods for air vehicle flight control and analysis.

With a diverse and skilled team capable of taking on a wide range of research, engineering, design, and testing projects, CDI is on the forefront of technological progress in a wide range of areas related to aerospace, nuclear and environmental engineering.

Featured Technology

CDI Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Analysis Tools

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