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Over the past 25 years, CDI has provided cost effective and timely testing services to nuclear reactor owners and government agencies, including tests governed by the NRC's Quality Assurance Program. In recent years, this work has ramped up significantly, with CDI becoming a major provider of testing services required for power uprates.

A 42" diameter ECCS strainer prototype undergoing testing in a 15' diameter flow tank, one of several CDI test facilities tailored for studies of the thermal hydraulics of nuclear power plant systems.

Testing Services
  • Valve Tests - CDI has performed safety relief valve tests supporting design work for a number of nuclear reactors.
  • Piping System Tests - CDI has performed extensive tests studying all aspects of piping system design. Currently CDI has constructed one-fifth scale models of individual main steam lines, and one-eighth scale models of the complete steam delivery piping from the steam dome to the turbines that are being used for tests associated with several nuclear utilities.
  • Strainer Testing - Containment strainer testing and design is one of CDI's core competencies and represents a large fraction of our nuclear engineering product line. CDI conducted passive strainer testing for Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group; strainer testing for PWR GS191; and fuel filter testing. CDI developed the "Optimum Stacked Disc Strainer", tested its performance in subscale facilities for a large number of nuclear utilities, and licensed the design to an NSSS vendor.

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