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Since its inception in 1979, Continuum Dynamics, Inc. has been a key provider of high quality, cost effective engineering services and state-of-the-art technical solutions to the nuclear engineering industry.

Three dimensional finite element model of a steam dryer.

Modeling and Analysis Solutions
  • Reactor Flow Analysis - CDI has expertise in developing models of all varieties of flows in nuclear reactors using proprietery computer codes specifically developed for the particular application. A water level dynamic model for condensing chambers using the SLEW-V and LEER computer codes was developed for the BWROG to support reference leg level analysis.
  • Valve Dynamic Models - CDI has performed extensive work for reactor owners modeling the dynamics of safety valves. CDI developed a dynamic model of spring-loaded safety valves for steam, two-phase and subcooled discharge flow conditions in response to Three Mile Island (subsequently validated through full-scale testing). CDI developed a dynamic vacuum breaker model for swing check valves for simulation of LOCA events in Mark I power plants using FSTF data.
  • Acoustic Circuit Analysis - CDI is particularly well-known for expert acoustic circuit analysis of nuclear reactor piping systems. CDI has developed acoustic circuit and Helmholtz solution schemes for the steam dome, steam dryer, and main steam lines for BWR nuclear power plants. This model was validated against data collected at Quad Cities Unit 2.
  • Piping System Modeling - CDI has expertise in modeling all aspects of nuclear reactor piping systems. CDI has developed a one-dimensional finite-volume model of the Millstone charging system, including models for three-cylinder pumps, dampers, check valves, and relief valves. Any piping system can be constructed by the tools implemented in this application.
  • Thermal Cycling Modeling - Under EPRI sponsorship, CDI has performed scale testing and analysis to develop engineering models for predicting thermal cycling in un-isoable branch lines attached to the primary coolant system of pressurized water reactor (PWR) plants. These models has formed the basis for thermal load definition as part of the Thermal Fatigue Management Guideline currently used in the U.S. nuclear plant fleet.
  • Jet Pump Vibration Load Prediction - CDI is currently involved in an on-going test and model development program for EPRI to provide analytical tools for predicting boiling water reactor (BWR) jet pump vibration. This program has used dynamically-scaled tests and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to determine the onset of high-level vibration conditions and the corresponding unsteady load definitions for jet pump fatigue/wear analysis.
  • Accident Analysis - Over the past 25 years, CDI has often been called upon to analyze components of nuclear reactors for accident assessment, (e.g. analysis of pipe breaks using the PARC-3D code; analysis and redesign of failed safety relief valves; computing temperature effects on relief valve set points using the ABAQUS computer code).

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