SOLUTIONS   Aerospace Engineering Solutions

Rotorcraft Solutions
Comprehensive, full vehicle aeromechanical software; blade design, noise analysis, and flight dynamics; real-time simulations, brownout, and high speed vehicle design.

Simulation and Training
High fidelity, physics-based, real-time aerodynamic models for use in rotorcraft flight simulations & trainers.

Fixed Wing Aircraft Solutions
Complete aircraft aerodynamics; flight control in icing and upset conditions; dynamics of stores/ jettisoned objects; analysis/mitigation of aircraft vortex wakes.

Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Solutions
Flight control system development, real-time aeroelastic simulations, low Reynolds number aeromechanics.

Airwake Modeling
Solution of ship, structure, and general bluff body flows; RANS/Euler CFD as well as databases for real time simulations.

Flight Test Support
For rotorcraft, fixed wing aircraft, UAVs, autogiros.

SMA-Based Actuation Systems
Lightweight in-flight actuators for vibration mitigation, flow control.