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CDI has recently developed several high fidelity, physics-based, real-time aerodynamic models for use in rotorcraft flight simulations & trainers. Our software solutions provide blade element/wake models for rotating and non-rotating aerodynamic components that plug easily into any existing flight simulation or trainer. Our aerodynamic models are the highest fidelity currently available in real-time. The high fidelity requires at least one computer core devoted entirely to our aerodynamic solution coupled asynchronously with the flight simulation. CDI can also can provide state-of-the-art ship airwake/rotor wake modeling, including a fully-coupled, real-time ship airwake/rotor/rotor wake solution that advances the state-of-the-art significantly for those willing to devote multiple cores to the aerodynamic solution.

  • Projects
  • CDI worked with NAVAIR to develop what we believe will be the next generation aerodynamic models for rotorcraft and tiltrotor flight simulations and trainers. These models are particularly useful when simulating shipboard operations.

    CDI recently developed a high fidelity brownout model currently being used in Army and Navy engineering flight simulators.

    CDI also developed the ship airwakes for some recent CAE trainers being developed for the U.S. Navy.

  • Products
  • Click here to see collection of CDI software products for simulation and training.

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