SOLUTIONS   Rotorcraft Solutions

Rotorcraft solutions are one of CDI's strongest areas of expertise. Our staff has been providing high quality, cost effective engineering services and state-of-the-art technical rotorcraft solutions to government and industry for over twenty-five years.

AH64D Apache Modeled with CDI's CHARM Software.
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  • CHARM - Stand alone/modular software that provides unique capabilties in rotorcraft aerodynamic and acoustic modeling - read more...
  • EHPIC-HERO - Rotor blade design software utilizing a unique "influence coefficient" method for fast, accurate performance optimization - read more...
  • MAST - - Stand alone/modular Multiple Aircraft Simulation Tool that enables real-time flight simulation of multiple aircraft with wake interactions - read more...
  • VLA - PC-based, Visual Landing Aid software for the design of shipboard lighting systems to faciliate rotorcraft landings at sea - read more...
  • LDTRAN - Analysis software for predicting the entrainment and transport of hazardous biological/chemical agents by rotorwash - read more...
  • VorTran-M - First-principles Eulerian vorticity transport wake module that captures the true temporal and spatial structure of the rotor wake when coupled Eulerian and Lagrangian CFD tools - read more...
  • BROWNOUT - Stand alone/modular software that provides a physics-based model of visual "brownout" rendered directly in flight simulation and analysis software when rotorcraft land in sandy/dusty conditions - read more...

  • Rotor Performance - Hover, Forward Flight, OGE, IGE
  • Blade Aerodynamics and Loading
  • Blade Dynamics
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Flight Simulation
  • Acoustics - Noise Prediction and Mitigation
  • Interactional Aerodynamics - Wake/Body Interaction
  • Stability and Control
  • Wake Dynamics
  • Multiple Aircraft Simulation with Wake Interactions
  • Brownout
  • Coaxial/Ducted UAVs
  • Store Separation

  • Full Aircraft Design (Conventional, Tiltrotor, Compound UAV)
  • Rotor Blade Design (Performance, Acoustics, Vibration, Coaxial, Microrotors)
  • Flight Control System Design

  • Analysis and Design Services
  • Data Reduction
  • Testing
  • Software Analysis Enhancements

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