SOLUTIONS   Fixed-Wing Aircraft Solutions

CDI has a broad history and experience base in the analysis and development of software and hardware solutions for fixed-wing aircraft applications. This technical area has been a primary focus of product development and engineering services since CDI's inception in 1979.

Multiple Aircraft Simulation Tool Model of a Parallel Runway Approach Pattern
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  • FPA - Fast Panel Analysis - A revolutionary boundary element aerodynamic analysis tool for preliminary design and optimization - read more...
  • VorTRAN-M - First-principles Eulerian vorticity transport wake module that allows capture of the true temporal and spatial structure of the aircraft wake when coupled Eulerian and Lagrangian CFD tools - read more...
  • MAST - Multiple Aircraft Simulation Tool - Stand alone/modular software that enables real-time flight simulation of multiple aircraft with wake interactions - read more...
  • AGDRIFT/AGDISP - Well-validated physics-based models for the accurate prediction of deposition of spray material released from aircraft - read more...
  • RSA3D - Rotor Stator Aeroelastic Analysis in 3D - A coupled 3D unstructured Euler/Navier Stokes analysis and structural analysis code for turbomachinery applications - read more...

  • Aerodynamic Design and Optimization
  • Unsteady Wake Dynamics and Long Term Wake Decay Modeling
  • Multiple Aircraft Simulation with Wake Interactions
  • Wake Alleviation Methods
  • Stability, Control and Flight Simulation
  • Aeroservoelastic Modeling and Simulation
  • Flow Control Using Deployable/Unsteady Vortex Generators
  • Aircraft Environmental Effects (Icing/Heavy Rain)
  • Algorithmic Aircraft Icing Detection
  • Fuel Jettison Modeling
  • Chaff Release Modeling
  • Agricultural Applications

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