SOLUTIONS   Flight Test Support

CDI staff have supported flight testing of both manned and unmanned aircraft for a number of years, either as a direct service provider or through support contracts on team efforts. Support services have ranged from simple data reduction and analysis to real-time telemetry processing and display and the planning and executing of flight test activities. CDI has also designed specialized computational and sensor hardware to aid in data collection and archiving for flight tests, and well as developed operator station interfaces to aid the test team in the collection of flight data. Our staff combines a diverse background in aerodynamic analysis, control system analysis and design, flight dynamics modeling, and instrumentation and sensor development to address your current and future flight testing needs.

Composite 3D illustration of GPS position data and third-party IMU-provided attitude/heading data.

Multi-window flight test interface in Matlab for supporting UAV flight test program.

Flight Test Design
  • Test planning, hardware selection, test execution
  • Instrumentation selection
  • Data processing and post-flight analysis

Hardware Solutions
  • Data telemetry specification development
  • Specialized instrumentation development
  • Custom computational hardware selection/integration

Support and Engineering Services
  • Testing services
  • Data processing
  • Testing activities
  • Software support and enhancements

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