Over the past 30 years, Continuum Dynamics, Inc (CDI) has developed state-of-the-art software solutions for a broad range of aerodynamic applications. This page contains a collection of software modules CDI currently provides for use in high fidelity, real-time flight simulations and trainers.

Real-time piloted simulation using CHARM free wake.

  • CHARM Real-Time Wake/Panel Module

  • CDI's CHARM Real-Time Wake/Panel Module provides a real-time free wake model of the main rotor wake for flight simulations and trainers. This module has been implemented in a variety of rotorcraft flight simulations, trainers and analyses for several government agencies and commercial manufacturers. This technology greatly improves the fidelity of the simulation in areas where no test data is available (e.g. vortex ring state, low and high speed maneuvers). For tiltrotors, this technology captures complex interactional aerodynamic effects due to the main rotor wake interactions with the empennage. The model supports multiple moving ground planes (heaving ship decks + the ocean surface, for example) modeled with either a panel or image system method.

    CHARM Real-time Wake

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  • CHARM Real-Time Blade/Aero Module

  • CDI's CHARM Real-Time Blade/Aero Module extends the CHARM Wake/Panel Module to include blade element models of rotating and non-rotating lifting aerodynamic components. This module has also been extended to include a capability to model a full aircraft, with high fidelity, real-time, physics-based aerodynamics providing the forces and moments of each aerodynamic component and the sum of all aerodynamic components to the flight simulation/trainer. The real-time full aircraft model has been used to build XV-15 and V-22 flight simulations as well as a Large Civil Tiltrotor flight simulation for NASA.

    V-22 Simulation using CHARM Realtime Blade/Aero Module

  • MAST Multiple Aircraft Simulation Module

  • CDI's MAST Multiple Aircraft Simulation Module provides a real-time free wake model of the wakes generated by nearby aircraft. CDI has worked with Bell Helicopter implementing the MAST solution within the U.S. Navy V-22 engineering simulation and flight trainer to assist pilots in formation flight training. This module is also useful for refueling simulations, shipboard operation simulations, and terminal area simulations where multiple aircraft are operating in the vicinity of one another.

    V-22 formation flight simulation using MAST

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  • Brownout Module

  • CDI's Brownout Module couples our high fidelity real-time free wake model with a particle entrainment/transport model to generate by far the most physically realistic brownout cloud rendering possible with current technology. This model has been implemented within the U.S. Army APEX lab's BHIVE H-47 simulation at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville AL as well as a Navy CH-47 flight trainer and CH-53 engineering flight simulation at Patuxent River, MD.
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  • Ship Airwake Databases

  • CDI also builds Ship Airwake Databases for real-time flight simulations and trainers. CDI built the ship airwake database for certain CAE simulators developed for the U.S. Navy.
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  • CHARM Real-time Ship Airwake/Rotor Wake Coupled Solution

  • CDI has developed a CHARM Real-time Ship Airwake/Rotor Wake Coupled Solution for pilot-in-the-loop flight simulations and trainers. This module provides real-time feedback of the interaction between the ship airwake and the rotor wake during pilot-in-the-loop flight simulations. This module completed a successful pilot evaluation in a U.S. Navy flight trainer and is used routinely by CDI in evaluating shipboard landings of Future Vertical Lift concepts.

    For further information, contact Dan Wachspress at CDI (609) 538-0444 x114.