CDI software products EHPIC-HERO and CHARM can be used for wind turbine analysis and design as well as rotorcraft analysis and design. CHARM and MAST software can be used to predict wake interactions and aerodynamics of multiple wind turbines under varying wind conditions.

  • CDI developed a wind turbine variant of EHPIC-HERO and used the software to design wind turbine blades for Kenetech Windpower
  • CHARM/WOPWOP can be used to design aerodynamically efficient and quiet wind turbines
  • CHARM/MAST software can be used to design optimum placement and spacing between multiple wind turbines located near one another
  • BROWNOUT software can be used to analyze wind turbine blade erosion associated with debris entrainment and impact

CHARM model of multiple wind turbine wake interactions (wakes from one blade are depicted in this figure).

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