Multiple Aircraft Simulation Tool

MAST is a physics-based analysis enabling real-time flight simulation of multiple aircraft, (helicopters, tiltrotors and fixed-wing), including the wake influence of each aircraft. MAST can operate as a stand alone analysis or as a module coupled to flight simulation software. The MAST module allows a simulation aircraft in flight simulation software to feel the wake influence of any number of other aircraft flying in its vicinity. The influence of the vicinity aircraft wakes is determined using a real-time free-vortex wake solution.

MAST Analysis of Multiple Aircraft Shipboard Operations (CH-46 & V-22).
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  • Advanced, real-time, free vortex wake modeling methods found in CDI's CHARM analysis software
  • Accurate long-time viscous/turbulent decay models found in CDI's EPA-accredited AGDISP? software
  • Fast image system and panel method ground effect modeling methods
  • Hierarchical fast panel methods for detailed modeling of variable terrain and ship structures


  • Wake hazard assessment for new and existing aircraft
  • Runway/airport design and operational support
  • Shipboard operation analysis and training
  • Refueling analysis and training
  • Formation flight analysis and training

The Multiple Aircraft Simulation Tool (MAST) GUI Main Page

Parallel runway operations modeled with MAST.
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