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Dr. Todd R. Quackenbush,   Senior Associate

Tel.: 609.538.0444 ext 110

  • Joined CDI in 1986.
  • Ph.D. Princeton University, NJ, 1986
  • M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, 1981
  • B.S.E. Princeton University, NJ, 1980
Research Interests
    Dr. Quackenbush has taken the lead on research efforts involving all aspects of modeling rotorcraft aerodynamics and dynamics, including extensive studies of rotor design optimization and unsteady airload computations for acoustics applications. A central focus of his most recent work has been applications of smart structures technology in rotorcraft, hydrodynamics, and propulsion venues, with and emphasis on Shape Memory Alloy devices; he has served as principal investigator or as a key contributor to five separate efforts in these areas over the past seven years. He has also recently headed modeling efforts at CDI that led to the development of both modeling methods and airfoil designs for low Reynolds number aerodynamics and has directed design studies of the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
Professional Societies and Honors
  • Recipient of National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Recipient of three American Helicopter Society Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships
  • Recipient of American Helicopter Society Robert Lichten Award
Selected Publications
  • "Analytical and Experimental Micro Rotorcraft Design Studies" Proceedings of the AHS Intl. Specialists Meeting on Unmanned Rotorcraft, Chandler, AZ Jan. 18-20, 2005 (with A.H. Boschitsch, D.A. Wachpsress, G.R. Whitehouse and C.L. Solomon).
  • "Aeromechanical Analysis Tools for Design and Simulation of VTOL UAV Systems", Proceedings of the 60th Annual Forum of the AHS, Baltimore, MD, June 2004 (with D.A. Wachspress and A.H. Boschitsch).
  • "Full Vehicle Flight Simulation with Real Time Free Wake Methods," AHS Aerodynamics and Acoustics Technical Specialists Meeting, San Francisco, CA, January 2002 (with D.A. Wachspress and A.H. Boschitsch).
  • "Rotorcraft Interactional Aerodynamics with Fast Vortex/Fast Panel Methods," 56th Annual AHS Forum, Washington, D.C. June 2000 (with D.A. Wachspress and A.H. Boschitsch).
  • "A Comprehensive Hierarchical Aeromechanics Rotorcraft Model for General Rotor/Surface Interaction," Final Report contract NAS2-14342, 1999 (with D.A. Wachspress and A.H. Boschitsch).
  • "Fast Analysis Methods for Surface-Bounded Flows with Applications to Rotor Wake Modeling," 52nd Annual AHS Forum, 1996, (with A.H. Boschitsch and D.A. Wachspress).
  • "Vortex Methods for the Computational Analysis of Rotor/Body Interaction," Journal of the AHS, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 14-23, 1994, (with C-M. G. Lam, D.B. Bliss and A. Katz).
  • "Computation of Rotor Aerodynamic Loads in Forward Flight using a Full-Span Free Wake Analysis," NASA CR 177611, 1993 (with D.A. Wachspress, A.H. Boschitsch, and D.B. Bliss).
  • "Rotor Wake Influence on Rotorcraft Control and Stability", Proceedings of the Fifteenth European Rotorcraft Forum", Sept. 1989, (with H.C. Curtiss).