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Dr. Alexander H. Boschitsch,   Senior Associate

Tel.: 609.538.0444 ext 105

  • Joined CDI in 1989.
  • D.Sc., Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, 1990
  • B.Sc. Queen Mary College, London, UK
Research Interests
  • Finite element development for thermoelastic structural modeling.
  • CFD software development.
  • Aeroelastic modeling and fluid-structural coupling using FE-based structural models and CFD flow solvers.
  • Fast multipole methods applied to panel methods and Lagrangian vortex-based flow models.
  • Fast Poisson-Boltzmann Equation solvers using boundary element methods for biomolecular electrostatics.
Professional Societies and Honors
  • Member: AIAA, AHS
  • Recipient of 1987 Guggenheim Fellow
  • Recipient of 1986 Honorary Guggenheim Fellowship
  • Recipient of 1985 Grumman Prize
  • Recipient of 1984 Guggenheim Fellowship and Princeton University Prize
Selected Publications
  • "Efficient Higher-Order Compact Scheme for Deforming Unstructured Meshes" proceedings of the 34th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit (A96-0415), 1996, Reno, NV (with T. R. Quackenbush).
  • "Fast Lifting Panel Method", proceedings of the 14th Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference (AIAA-99-3376), 1999, Norfolk, VA (with W. J. Usab, and R. J. Epstein).
  • "A Fast Adaptive Multipole Algorithm for Calculating Screened Coulomb (Yukawa) Interactions", Journal of Computational Physics, 151, pp. 212-241, 1999 (with M. O. Fenley, and W. K. Olson).
  • "Fast Boundary Element Method for the Linear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation", Journal of Physical Chemistry, B 106, pp. 2741-2754, 2002 (with M. O. Fenley, and H-X. Zhou)
  • "First Principles Free-Vortex Wakes Analysis for Helicopters and Tiltrotors", proceedings of American Helicopter Society 59th Annual Forum, 2003, Phoenix, AZ (with D. A. Wachspress, and T. R. Quackenbush).